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JANUARY 15th 2021

There is a special place in hell for poets who send out work to any magazine they can get an address for with little to no regard to what is actually in the magazine!

Equally there is in paradise a grand home for the editors of magazine who cast a wide net and nourish between their covers a wide and varied cast, giving them space to stretch out, creating a Place for their imaginations as they work. One thinks of the achievements of an Eshleman a Foster a Torra a Melnyczuk a Hickman- with, respectively, Caterpillar/Sulfur, lift, Agni, Temblor...

Add to this list the stewardship of Kevin Gallagher and his spoKe now issuing # 7 (available here: ) which has opened a grand location for practicing contemporary poets both local and international, known and unknown. Complemented with critical writing and appreciations translations and revivals.

Magazines such as this need not only work but our wring a phrase..... it is a Grand Magazine of the first order ....if you can keep it....

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